Negotiation of Medicaid Estate Recovery Liens

When a Georgia resident receives certain types of Medicaid-funded services such as nursing home care or care at home via a Medicaid waiver program, the agency that administers Medicaid, the Georgia Department of Community Health (GDCH) will often seek to recover from the estate of that person after their death. Regulations promulgated by GDCH state that it will pursue estate recovery when the value of a deceased Medicaid beneficiary’s estate is $25,000 or greater.

We frequently hear from our clients and from families across Georgia who have received a Notice of Lien against the estate of a loved one in Georgia who received Medicaid-funded services.

If you have received such a Notice of Lien from the Georgia Department of Community Health, and want to discuss your options, including how we might be able to help you reduce the amount of the lien in question, please do not hesitate to call or email us for a free phone consultation.